Shifu Shoshanna Katzman

This curriculum is for Taiji players of all levels to delve deeper into its physical intricacies and energetic underpinnings in order to harness personal power and healing capabilities.

Learn about the healing essence of Taiji

Life Mastery Through Taiji

Immerse yourself in the Guang Ping Yang Style Taiji Form in a series of three courses with over 130 instructional videos and 24 experiential audios. Learn a vast array of philosophical, theoretical and practice principles to establish a solid all-encompassing Taiji foundation with benefits that will permeate all aspects qi play and the whole of your life.

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Delving Deeper into the Dance

Discover the secret to unlocking internal power with 12 mini courses featuring Chinese medicine energetics, The Thirteen Postures, a roadmap of your energetic structure, Push Hands, and experiential audios. Learn the left handed set for brain balancing and advanced exercises to create extraordinary Taiji presence. 

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Taiji is a lifelong study that begins with a single step and leads to the blossoming of your entire being. There is no greater time than now to start your journey.

Ready yourself for a transformational experience as you

discover the wonder of Taiji as the grand backdrop to your life

- setting the stage for self-healing and self-empowerment.