Delving Deeper into the Dance

Taking Your Taiji to a New Level

With each passing practice session, you have become more adept at performing Tàijí. Development has been generated through consistently applying the principles set forth by the Tàijí ancients. Your dedicated practice has provided the skill and foundation necessary to proceed to a higher level of training and understanding of the Chinese medicine way of healing and living through cultivation of qì. 

Proceeding along this advanced path of Tàijí mastery takes you through the portal of kāi qiào (pronounced ‘kai chow’) – the opening of an aperture to a new experience. Entering this space raises your vibrational level and draws you into an enlightened state of awareness. It opens your eyes to the deeper ethereal meaning of Tàijí and increases your ability to translate newborn awareness into the physical realm of existence. 

Your thoughts are ushered into the field of your heart and “the myriad of things” become crystal clear. Everything finds its rightful place within your consciousness and begins to make perfect sense. Including the physical and metaphysical aspects of your Tàijí experience as they become embedded within your heart mind. As your journey continues a greater capacity for manifestation ensues, bringing your Tàijí experience into a new realm of endless possibilities.

Taking this great leap forward endows you with increased insight about the matrix of energies flowing throughout your body. It draws your physical and energetic counterparts into a more harmonious state of being. This serves to enhance your physicality, enliven your spirit and nourish your emotional body while performing the dance.

My dear students. I invite you to embark upon the advanced study of the dance. You will find it to be a uniquely challenging and empowering journey filled with ever-increasing levels of perception and discernment. Reaching this pinnacle of expertise holds the potential to transform your Tàijí experience, your health and your way of living.