Immerse yourself in the

Guang Ping Yang Style Taiji Form

to discover and cultivate your

very own Center of Power

Shoshanna Katzman, M.S., L.Ac.

Practitioner of Guang Ping Taiji for 50 years and a 6th generation lineage holder. She has 43 years experience as an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and energy medicine specialist and holds a Master's degree in sports medicine.

This online curriculum contains a vast array of philosophical, theoretical and practice principles to establish a solid all-encompassing Taiji foundation with benefits that will permeate all aspects of your life.

Delve deep into the physical intricacies and energetic underpinnings of Taiji to harness personal power and innate healing capabilities as you learn to play with Qi.

This curriculum is designed to support you in your Taiji journey.

Whether you are just beginning, ready to deepen your practice, or looking to advance your teaching methods -

Center of Power is for you!

-experiential audio taken from the Life Mastery Through Taiji collection

Practicing Taiji...

cultivates your energetic center of physical healing

enhances coordination, strength, flexibility

improves balance and upright stature

eradicates pain and inflammation

maximizes immune function 

produces cardiovascular health

invigorates reproductive and sexual energy

stabilizes emotions

promotes inner tranquility

develops mindfulness

slows the aging process

Center of Power

Life Mastery Through Taiji



Taiji Play

Includes 83 instructional videos & 15 experiential audios

  • Review of scientific studies
  • Historical origins
  • Daoist beginnings
  • Taiji philosophical principals: Yin & Yang, Five Elements, Heaven & Earth and more
  • Energetic anatomy and physiology: Taiji Pole, Microcosmic Orbit, Three Dantians, Three Treasures, Energetic Pathways and more
  • Taiji practice principals
  • Dantian Discovery Level 1
  • Methods to cultivate your Center of Power
  • How to feel your Qi
  • Energetic and physical explanations of movements
  • 7 Taiji Prep Workouts
  • Guang Ping Section One: Lessons 1-15 with detailed written instructions and video & audio guidance
  • Extensive glossary of Chinese terms with pinyin pronunciation



Taiji Play

Includes 23 instructional videos & 4 experiential audios

  • Differentiating Yin and Yang
  • Mental practice
  • Physical practice
  • Differentiation of Opposites
  • Integrating Yin-Yang into your form
  • Wuji and Yin-Yang
  • Transitional Energetic Directive
  • Guang Ping Section Two: Lessons 16-23 with detailed written instructions and video & audio guidance
  • Extensive glossary of Chinese terms with pinyin pronunciation

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Taiji Play

Includes 20 instructional videos

& 5 experiential audios

  • The Six Harmonies: Strengthening unification, Cultivating external harmonies, Cultivating internal harmonies, Working with all Six Harmonies
  • Guang Ping Section Three: Lessons 24-30 with detailed written instructions and video & audio guidance
  • Closing Energetic Directive
  • Advanced practice methods
  • Dantian Discovery Level 2
  • Universal Post development
  • Deeper root training
  • Life Mastery Through Taiji
  • More Student Stories
  • Photo Digest
  • Extensive glossary of Chinese terms with pinyin pronunciation
  • Resources for further research

Ready yourself for a transformational experience as you embrace Taiji as the grand backdrop to your life.

Taiji is a lifelong study that begins with a single step- one that leads to the blossoming of your entire being. There is no greater time than now to start your journey.